Wind generators

A controllable, commercial and industrial distributed generation technology that can utilize building, ground, and floatation mounted wind generators that are built to sustain harsh desert like conditions and offer excellent Energy outputs. Quantel can offer 3 levels of wind power products/ technologies

1. Small wind up to 10kW.
2. Medium wind up to 50 kW- 100kW.
3. Large wind from 100kW up to 2.5 MW
4. Large offshore wind from 3.0mW to 12.0 MW
5. All products are tested and patented.

50 kW Vertical Axis
• Uses:
• 1. Commercial markets.
• 2.Spaces where turbulent wind is present
• 3. Large office buildings.
• 4.Airports
• 5.Offshore Oil Platforms

Most versatile solar panel technology Most environmentally friendly of all solar power technologies Extensible Factory technology platform to exploit current and future opportunities

Ongoing new technology development that leverages existing equipment as much as possible

Enables maximum, long-term market relevance, asset value, jobs creation, economic growth.

Due to its superior tolerance of and performance in higher temperature warm climates, our technology produces more kilowatt-hours per year of electricity per Watt of power-generation system capacity than our competitors.